Staying Positive


I'm a constant work in progress. There is a gap between living the life of my dreams and being where I am right now that debilitates me some days, and motivates me others. I try to aim to for the days of motivation, because debilitate, or debilitating is never a good word or feeling.

I motivate myself in different ways; set goals, meditate, write affirmations, say affirmative things over my life, surround myself with positive people. Still sometimes, with all of that, things get hard. However, I've found that if I begin my day with at least meditation and some positive affirmations, things start out on the right foot. I know that seems cliche but it's true for me.

I get up pretty early. Like 4:30 am early. I joke that I'm an old lady in a young woman's body. Anyway, instead of starting my day thinking about all the things I need to get done, all the traffic I'm about to encounter, and how that's going to suck...instead I roll out of the bed and meditate. I go sit in the craft room, light a lavender or other aromatherapy candle and start my meditation app.

I've talked about the Calm app before. You can play scenes and do a meditation with your chosen theme playing in the background. I don't know if I love the actual sound of rain, but on the app, it's the best. I play that and do either a body scan or calm meditation. You can decide how long, or short you want to meditate for. There's the option to meditate for 2 minutes. I usually select to meditate for 5 - 10 minutes. The best part is I can take a break during your day to mediate too. It's just like exercise, accumulated meditation counts just like one long session. Go calm!

After my meditation I open up my phone and make some positive affirmations. After meditating, upon waking and just before going to bed are said to be the best times to affirm positive things over your life. I found a site with 80 affirmations for entrepreneurs. I usually scroll through and state the ones that are true for me, or that I need "work" on at the moment.

The other thing I do, is keep little talisman around me. I love symbols and think it important to pay attention to the things around you. Especially the things you keep seeing, or that light upon you.

In my office, I've placed a little Buddha on my desk. It's a reminder for me not to go ape shit on people or over things. Because, ape shit isn't just limited to a melt down on a particular person. It's also symbolic of staying calm and grounded. It's like that bracelet that was popular for a while W.W.J.D. instead it's a W.W.B.D. It makes me smile so I'll keep it for no other reason.
At home, I have an owl on my desk. Owls are a symbol of wisdom. It reminds me that I am wise and have all the wisdom I need for every situation within me. As do you. The key is being able to hear the wisdom. And once you hear it, trust it.

I used to have affirmations pinned to a board that I keep on my desk. I still have a couple that I got from the Magic of Thinking Big. I was looking through office supplies and found some old affirmations that I had written down. They're small like business cards. Easy to keep with me in a wallet or purse compartment. I like to keep things all around that way, if I forget to meditate, I see my cards or have the screenshots on my phone. There's always something to remind me. Some use the bible or scriptures, I prefer positive affirmations, oh, and watching positive people.

This weekend I watched some videos by Shameless Maya. I love to hear about people, that some may not know, getting paid to live out their dreams. Or doing what they love and making money doing it. She's the best as are her videos. She not only talks about her rise but she gives advice to other artists on getting where you would like to be. If you listen to similar stuff, by different people, you notice it's a repeat. And if more than one person is saying it, there's got to be some truth to it.

This weekend, I watched her video on Fear. That lead to another video on 5 tips for artists, which led to the next video. You can never have too much advice, especially when it gives you the courage to take consistent steps on the direction of your dreams.

Nacho Weekend


This was a weekend of ease. Not as much ease as last week but just enough.

I tried a new recipe for nachos. They may or may not have messed up my stomach a bit, with the cheese but they were worth it. I used cauliflower, because it's not deep fried, and it's a vegetable. You can still make them high fat if you add enough cheese. If you just stick to the salsa and guacamole though, you should be good. That would also make the dish vegan.

What's Barre?



Barre is a workout created by Lotte Berk, a German dancer, over 50 years ago. Berk was a dancer who immigrated to England during World War II. She developed her workout program after suffering a back injury. Since she was no longer dancing, she opened a studio as a way to create income. Her barre training was a combination of ballet moves, yoga and rehabilitative therapy. The method remained underground for a while with only a select few having amazing bodies. of her early students, Lydia Back, introduced the barre method to the United States in the early 70's. "Seats" have never been the same.

The Weekend


Thought I posted this Monday. Can't let a good post go to waste. 

I was hell bent on laying low this weekend. Now that I'm working full time again, I just need the weekend to relax, relate, release. I slept in until 8 o'clock. I know, but that's late for me. D cut the grass and I supervised, came back in and made brunch. Which, was delicious by the way. Then laid on the couch again and watched the Olympics for most of the day.

Watch out Barre World!


Ever since my barre certification, I've gone a little barre crazy. I'm into balls, light hand weights, barre's, leggings, tiny pulses, you name it.

You'll have to just barre with me for a minute. (lol couldn't help myself) until I get this out of my system. I'm going to cover most things barre for a little while. I'll discuss the workout, the barre studios in my area, what to expect during class etc. I'll just be your tiny little, barre inter web headquarters, for a while. I'm no expert by any means but I know a little sumthin, and I plan to share it. Perhaps just one post a week.

I used to feel like an outsider in the world of barre. When I worked at exhale, and asked about certification, I felt a little left out following the response I got. It was very elitist. It was unlike any other certification where if you had the money, you got certified. There, it was like they had to pick you, you had to be part of the clique, the in crowd. I didn't fit the "mold." Story of. My. LIFE.

I feel like a rogue now, like I've infiltrated the ranks. Watch out barre snobs, we in here! ROFL.

disclaimer: This post was written very early morning (4:30 am to be exact) when I should've been sleeping instead of up blogging.