Sound Bath


Today in teacher training we experienced sound baths. As she played, we went through each chakra and learned mudras associated. We only went through three bottom chakras but it was glorious. I've never heard of sound baths but definitely plan to get myself a small bowl to have for private clients. Considering I'm musical, I think it's a perfect compliment to me and my approach to things. I would gladly take clients on a meditative,chakra aligning, stress relieving and musical journey. 

I read this article in Well + Good that sound baths are popular in New York. New York is always in the know when it comes to things. It would make sense that sound baths in NYC are bringing people in flocks ready to meditate. I'm searching for one online as soon as I press publish.

Have you ever experienced a sound bath? How was your experience? 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Lost Post Alert 
I'm in my second week of yoga teacher training. It's something I've wanted to do since around 2002, when I was first introduced to yoga in college. Then, I took an Iyengar class regularly. If you've never heard of that style of yoga, it's focused heavy on alignment. Instead of moving quickly from one pose to the next, you focus on positioning and how the post feels in the body. 

When I asked my then instructor how to get certified to teach, he told me I would have to go to India and study for years with one teacher. That sounded way too hard at the time. I was in college and I didn't have money to get to India! I simply resigned myself to regular practice at the rec center and a couple DVD's. A few years later, I was bit by the yoga but and began looking into other teacher training and found them too expensive. I thought yoga teacher training was out of reach for me, and erased it from my mind. Or so I thought. 

Fast forward to 2016 when I discovered vinyasa style yoga. 
I always avoided vinyasa or flow type classes because I thought they would bore me to pieces. That's until I found a studio I liked. This very studio is also where I started doing karma work. Karma work is mostly at yoga studios. In the States, you volunteer at the studio in exchange for free yoga classes. Around April of this year, I figured I needed to get myself back into yoga. Of course it wasn't a coincidence that I walked into my first vinyasa class and fell in love. This was even after I was sweaty and slipping all over the mat. And yet, it was like nothing I'd done before and just like the megaformer, it was a workout that didn't hurt my knees. 

I loved the studio, the owner, the instructors, and the community of students so much that when I saw they offered teacher training, I was like, "Let's do it!" I didn't think I would jump off the cliff as early as fall 2016, but here I am. 

It's not a cheap undertaking but as I said, it's always something I've wanted to do. Also, I could "trick off" the money over the course of a few months doing things that wouldn't further my career or help me dive deeper or help me toward being a "better person." 

Below are a couple of my text books. We toggle between all of them during training. So far the top two are my favorite. Moving Inward is a practical guide to meditation. In the text, Rolf Sovik tells you how to sit, talks about muscles, how to strengthen the diaphragm, the whole nine. At the end of the text, I think I should be ready to meditate like a pro, at least in form. 

Our other texts are The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Heart of Yoga and The Key Muscles of Yoga. The Yoga Sutras is essentially the bible. I don't know how to explain the Heart of Yoga but it's by one is the students of Krishnamacharya, a yoga "god" essentially. The Key Muscles of Yoga relates postures to muscle involvement, helping you understand what muscles are working in each pose. It's most helpful as a teacher so that I can help students focus on where a contraction is. 

I'm looking forward to the journey of teacher training. I've heard from many that it's transformational. Who? In this day and age isn't up for transforming? Sign me up. Have you done a yoga teacher training? If so, tell me about it. - Namaste

The Eiteljorg Museum


(I seriously thought I'd posted this but guess I didn't. It's a couple weeks old but I couldn't stand to let these good pics go to waste)

Last week, I went to Indiana for a work conference. Because we're all spread out across the country, our company likes to get us together once a year at corporate headquarters. It's two days of meetings and social events at night. Serious wrapped up in beer. 

Not far from the hotel, I noticed a museum. I'm a sucker for a museum and especially one with Native American focus. Apparently the Eiteljorg Musuem has more Native American artifacts than even the Smithsonian. I was hoping to find Native American artifacts from the Cherokee but I wasn't so lucky. What I did find was some pretty cool stuff though. I was pressed for time and only had an hour before I had to get to my shuttle bus ride to the airport. I even found some new artists whose work I would like to take a closer look at. 

Roy Anderson, The Black Lance

Labor Day Weekend


Hope your Labor Day was fabulous. Nothing eventful for me to report.

Went to moms Saturday to eat barbecue like the rest of Atlanta. Stopped by the store on the way over. I should've taken a photo. The shelves were bare at Kroger. There was no baked beans, corn, buns, and I didn't check the meat isle but I'm sure it was a little bare as well. You would think people would switch up their menus but...I guess not.

It's Monday afternoon and I'm ready for the weekend. How am I looking forward to Friday and it's not even Tuesday yet? Lord help me.

Hope your holiday was full of food, love and fun. Talk soon.

The Weekend


I ate my way through the weekend. I need to start my Monday off with a smoothie and just stick with smoothies through Wednesday. I know you've had one of those weekends. Don't "side-eye" me.

Friday we began the weekend with a trip to Butchers & Brew in Alpharetta. I had the Nopi, basically a shrimp po boy. D had the wings and Dev had the chicken fingers. We sat outside with all the flies. Lol. I can say I've been. I'm a fry fanatic so I'll go see them for fries. I wouldn't drive all the way to get the Nopi though...nope.

Nopi - Butcher & Brew
Saturday I went and did yoga...of course. The studio is close to Ponce City Market so we ran up there. One of the parents from D's school owns a bakery in there so we went to represent. I was full after the crossaint. I didn't take a picture because if you don't document it, you didn't eat it. Right?

On the way out of the market, we walked by a ramen restaurant. I lost my shit! So of course I had to make room and we had to go in for a taste. The name of the restaurant is TonTon. It was worth my spaz. We will definitely be back.

Ton Ton Kitchen
After Ponce City, we came home and took a nap. My Granny turned 82, so we went and celebrated with her after napping. We just sat around her house and ate. They wanted to see the baby so Mason came through. I didn't take any new photos of him but trust me when I tell you he's still delicious. He's getting into smiling back at you and drooling. Love it!

From there, we had a yoga party to attend. I know right? Yogi's party? Yes, they do. But first we had a 75-minute vinyasa practice. They wanted us to earn our beer. Why didn't I take more photos of the beer you ask. Probably because I'd had too much by the time I realized I needed a photo.

Yoga Party
The party was held at a space in Atlanta called Zone of Light Studios. The owner hosts art parties for crowds of people. It's a lovely space and was perfect for a large group of people to do yoga in. He has a room that's a black light. That was the coolest thing. Ooh! That would be fun to do yoga in. Maybe not the safest but definitely fun.

Sunday was the usual karma work. Then after work a run to the Dekalb Farmers Market. I went without a list so this week of meals might be interesting. Stay tuned for sure. Hope you had a good weekend. Talk soon!